Gladiator Sandals – Designs and Styles

Gladiator sandalshave come a long way from being war staples. They are now among the top fashion statements. Designs, variations and materials for these sandals have continued to grow. Likewise, the ideal clothes to wear with them have also expanded.


Whatever the occasion you wish to attend or type of outfit you may have, there will always be a pair of gladiator sandals to match. Commonly, gladiators for women are made with t-straps and flat soles. This allows for more comfort and less heat for the feet. That is why they are top choices to pair with summer and spring clothes. But these sandals are also available in other styles, including wedges and stilettos.


What to Look for and How to Wear Them

While gladiator sandals have become so popular, a lot of women still commit fashion faux pas in wearing them. Here are some simple guidelines when wearing them and pairing them with clothes.

  • Knee high gladiator sandals are perfect for those with long legs. These types of sandals are best worn with shorts and minis. They are designed intricately with crisscross straps, going from the ankle all the way to the knees. They are normally flat.
  • Ankle length gladiator sandals for women are basic types. They come in various designs as high heels, wedges and flats and can be matched with any outfit. They look good on any type of legs but a great enhancer to those with short and wide legs. These ankle length sandals are best paired with cropped pants and shorter clothes.
  • Another variation, the t strap sandals, especially the flat ones, make the perfect foot wear for summer outfits, especially maxi dresses used as bikini covers.


Gladiator sandals are made in a variety of colors that match with many types of outfits. Bolder color sandals like gold gladiator sandals go well with bold dark outfits as well as multi colored outfits for a more retro look. Some of these come with accessories like beads, fringes and buckles which add some beauty to your shoes as well as help you tie them comfortably.


An important thing to note when purchasing gladiator sandals is comfort. Choose your sandals according to your body type, outfits to match with and functions where you can wear them. . Make an informed decision when it comes to avoid making horrible fashion mistakes.